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Timber Floor Staining

Floor Staining

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floor sanding and polishing
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floor stain

Dissatisfied with the current colour of your timber floor? No problem!
The answer is Timber Floor Staining.
Staining is how to change the colour of your floor, without losing the natural character and beauty of the wood.

Staining is a very difficult process.
Some other companies have their floor finish diluted or mixed up with tint. This may be a cheap and easy shortcut, but over time will wear out much quicker and shift colours.

We are dedicated to providing the best service and products.
We apply stains directly to the timber in order to achieve the best possible result. We never mix our stains with varnish or tint, and never apply stains on top of varnished timber.

We carry samples, and whenever we provide in-person quotations, we’ll be able to show you our samples and provide recommendations.

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