Timber Deck Sanding and Oiling

Aarons Floor Sanding doesn’t only provide indoor floor sanding and polishing, but we also do outdoor timber deck sanding and oiling.

Aussie summers are long and hot. This may cause sun damage, aging and cracking to timber exposed to the harsh sun.
To prevent this, we recommend an oil recoat once a year. We also suggest getting your deck inspected, to check whether you need to recoat or not.

If you are confident in doing the recoat yourself, we suggest, after inspecting, to perform a clean-up, fully dry, and then apply 1 coat of the original oil.

However, if your deck already has very harsh scratches or sun-damage, or if you’re just too busy, leave the job to us. In that case, we’ll perform screw-down & sanding, and apply two coats of decking oil.

floor sanding and polishing
floor sanding and polishing
floor sanding and polishing
Deck Sanding and Oiling

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