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Kitchen Timber Floors

Kitchen Timber Floors

Floor Sanding and Polishing

For the past few generations most homes have used waterproof flooring materials, like tiles, for kitchen floors. But this wasn’t always the case. Century old homes often had timber floors, which actually lasted quite well. Timber floors have started to come back into fashion for kitchens. Designers and homeowners have realized that kitchen floors don’t need extreme waterproofing. So timber, which looks great and last for decades, is actually quite suitable for kitchens. Many people now prefer it to tiles or vinyl.

Timber is a renewable resource. We can always grow more trees, and constantly growing trees is good for the environment. By contrast, Synthetic materials like vinyl require a lot of energy and chemicals when manufactured, and this is bad for the environment. This situation is made worse if the floor has to be replaced every 20 years. By contrast, timber lasts for a century or more, and uses minimal energy and chemicals.

Timber will easily last for a century under normal conditions. So there is no need to replace it.
Timber, like any flooring material, will suffer superficial damage. But the great advantage of timber floors is that they can be re-sanded to remove this superficial damage. Even with re-sanding every 10 to 15 years the floor will still last for a century.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Timber is easy to sweep or vacuum with a soft attachment. So cleaning is easy. And there are no problems with allergens and pollen being caught (as in carpet fibers) of mold as on tile grout). Timber is very healthy.
Liquid spills are not really much of a problem on timber. If the floor is given a protective coating, perhaps polyurethane, then the spills can be quickly wiped off.

People like the look of natural timber, the mixture of semi-random wood-grain and regular planks is an ideal combination, neither too regular to be sterile or too random to feel messy. Even vinyl and other synthetic floors often imitate timber patterns. Timber look great.

In the kitchen timber flooring can be made to match or complement other timber fittings (like cabinet doors and bench-tops), which is also good for a stylish appearance.

It is easy to add rugs to a timber floor for winter warmth, or leave them open for air circulation in summer heat.

Floor Sanding and Polishing

Want to restore the original appearance of your timber floors, or re-stain the a new colour. Have them re-sanded and polished. This virtually give you a new floor.