floor sanding sydney Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Floors

What types of floors work best with pets?

Many people avoid carpets with pets. Pets are inclined to pull at the carpet fibres with their claws.
Soft woods are also best avoided. They scratch easily.
Hardwoods are a good option. These are less likely to be scratched by pets. It also helps if the pets have their nails trimmed.
Distressed hardwood is designed to include rustic marks, so scratches will blend in.

If there is carpet on hardwood floor should I replace the carpet or use the hardwood underneath?

This is a matter of choice, but hardwood is easy to maintain. And if the hardwood floor needs re-sanding then this is cheaper than the average coast of carpeting.
Decent hardwood is a good selling point for homes. You are lucky if you have hardwood under the carpets.

How long does it take for floor sanding and polishing?

Sanding, which is the first part of the process, may only take a day for a few rooms.
Refinishing with polyurethane can take a few days, because there are several coats and the finish needs time to dry between coats.
Oil based polyurethane needs two or three coats over as many days. Humid weather conditions will slow this process down to 5 days.
Water based polyurethane needs less drying time, but several coats. It can be done in a day or two.

Should I replace or re-sand timber floors?

Hardwood can be re-sanded about 10 times before it needs replacing. So if you re-sand every 10 years the floor will last a century. There is no need to replace floors before this.
Soft floors like pine cannot be re-sanded as often, and require more delicate re-finishing methods lest they show sanding marks.
As pine is relatively inexpensive, so replacement is not a bad option if it is worn, or been re-sanded a few times already.

Floor Sanding Sydney

Re-sanding essentially gives you a new floor, at a moderate price. This is great for restoring the original appearance of the floor, or for a complete change of colour and décor.

The frequently asked questions can get you the floor that suits your home.