Signs for Floor Sanding and Polishing

Signs that the Floor Needs Sanding

Floor Sanding Sydney
The great advantage of hardwood floors is that they can be re-sanded to restore their original appearance, or re-sanded to allow a different finish and new appearance. Homeowners will have his re-sanding undertaken when the floors starts to show some subtle or not so subtle signs of aging or wear.

Floodwater Damage
This is thankfully rare, but floodwater will ruin almost any floor except perhaps concrete, and even then the surface will need disinfecting. Hardwood floor can be restored after severe flooding if the water is removed quickly enough.
After all the water has been removed from the floor surface, and the timber left to dry, there may be problems with the individual floorboards warping, causing an uneven and unattractive floor. This is the very thing re-sanding is designed to remove.
It is best to wait until the floor really is completely dry lest the individual boards start to warp further.

Visible Scratches
Floors will look bad if they are scratched. This is only an aesthetic matter and will not cause any real problems. But many homeowners like to have them removed.
The depth of the scratches is significant. Superficial scratching can be removed with polishing as it is often only the surface coasting that has been damaged.
Deep scratches (perhaps half a millimetre or more) will only be removes with re-sanding.

Discoloured Floorboards.
Floors can become discoloured for several reasons. UV sunlight will cause fading; moisture can cause colour change. Even repeated traffic may discolour some areas of the wooden floor. And of course an accidental spill is always an unfortunate possibility.
Re-sanding can remove stains, though the depth of the stain into the timber surface is a significant factor.

Warping and uneven surfaces.
Floorboards may change shape over extended periods of time. This may be due to the imperfect nature of organic materials like timber, or it might be because of temperature and moisture issues. Look to see if the boards cup at the edges of bulge in the middle.
Re-sanding can restore the flat surface of a solid timber floor. Be sure to remove any moisture or temperature issues to prevent damage in the future.

Floor Sanding and Polishing
Even with re-sanding every decade a decent timber floor will last a century under reasonable conditions.
Have the timber floor restored with floor sanding and the room will look brand new.