Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

There are any reasons why Hardwood floors are preferred to other flooring materials. They have several advantages:

Long lasting

Hardwood floors are known to last for a century or more under reasonable conditions. This is at least as long as the building. Hardwood with withstand anything short of a fire or flood, and these things will destroy any flooring.


Hardwood resistants the type of scratching normally experienced in day to day living. Though like most floors it will suffer scratches form furniture or hard objects.

Staining is hardly an issue when the timber floor is given a protective coating.

Colour and Appearance

Floors can be stained many different colours, and the type of timber can be chosen in many different colours.

Wood tends to have an earthy feel, but it can be lime washed to have a light austere chalky look.


Floors are easy to sweep or vacuum with a soft brush attachment. There is nowhere for dust and grit to get caught.


Good timber has almost no issue with allergies. There is nowhere for pollen to get caught, and no issue with artificial chemicals once the protective coating has dried.

Floor Sanding Sydney

Timber floors can be re-sanded to restore their original appearance. Re-sanding removes the thinnest top layer of material from a timber floor, exposing fresh new wood underneath. This can be re-stained to create an essentially new floor.

No other flooring material can be re-sanded in this way.

Many owners of timber floors will have the floors re-sanded every 10 years.

Floor Sanding and Polishing

Timber floors can be polished to an attractive shine.

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