Hardwood verses Laminate

There are so many flooring options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Carpet, tiles, laminate, natural timber are all popular for different reasons, and in different parts of the home. Perhaps the best option for most rooms is hardwood timber, which works anywhere so long as the conditions aren’t wet, or laminate which can handle moderately wet conditions.


Timber floors have the great appeal of a natural substance that has been shaped by human craftsmanship. Woodgrain is natural and interesting, floorboards are regular and give a sense of order. These combine well.

Laminate can replicate the appearance of stone or woodgrain. The fact that is often imitates woodgrain speaks multitudes, because people like woodgrain.


Timber is very durable, and will last as long as the building. No floor is indestructible, but timber is far harder wearing than most materials. Adding a protective coating further prevents the risk of superficial damage.

Laminate, which has improved over the years, is also quite durable. But if it does get damaged it is not too difficult to replace. Sometime one or two laminate boards can be replaced without the rest of the floor needing any change.

Timber floors have the advantage in being re-sandable. The top layer can be removed to give a new surface, restoring the original appearance. Laminate cannot be modified this way.


Timber can be re-stained or coloured, though this is a fairly major job.

Laminate cannot be modified, though there are a wide range of options in laminate flooring.


Timber floors require either professional installation or a very experienced handyman.

Laminate can be installed over a subfloor by a general DIY person.

Kitchen floors

Laminate will be fine in the kitchen as long as any water is promptly cleaned up.

Hardwood timber is not really used in kitchens as the conditions created by cooking and water spills tend to cause problems. Timber will bend and warp with moisture and humidity changes.

Floor Sanding Sydney

Hardwood timber floors are a sound investment, and a selling point for many homes. Re-sanding and polishing allows floors to be reconditioned, or changed to suit the décor.